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Our Products are organic foods that being processed and produced in a natural way without any chemical substances. This natural way produces the best quality of food.

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Organic flamindo is one of division of PT Jala Flamindo Karya that works as supplier of organic food. To produce high quality food, we are working with farmers who have been trained in organic food processing. Furthermore, farmers and us participate in reducing the pollution of soil, air, and water. The food that processed with organic way will produce healthy food without reducing the taste. Live with organic way will esclate the prosperity of indonesian farmers, improving the nutrition quality of indonesian people, and make indonesia become greener.


  • To be an organic food industry with a world class quality
  • To become a leading organic food industry in Indonesia


  • Improving the nutrition quality of indonesian people by consuming an organic food
  • Escalating the prosperity of indonesian farmers by doing organic farming
  • Minimize any pollution by avoiding any chemical substances
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Live healthy and make the environment greener in the process. Reduce the pollution of soil, water, air, and keep it fresh. That’s why you need organics.


There is always time to live healthy, stay in touch with us now.

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